'Walking Dead' fan found guilty of killing 'zombie' wife

A man who posted an image of himself "and the wife out for a walk in the park" on Facebook has been found guilty of smothering her and dumping her body in the Mississippi River.

Jeffrey Trevino was, authorities say, the only suspect in Kira Steger's disappearance. When they searched the couple's home in February, they found blood spatter on the walls and fluids soaked into the carpet, along with bleach and other cleaning materials.

Jurors were shown photographs of the bloodstains in the couple's master bedroom but acquitted him of the count of murder with intent, indicating they didn't believe he meant to kill her.

Prosecutors told jurors that Trevino killed her in a rage after he learned that she had been cheating on him and was planning on filing for divorce. She had, prosecutors claimed, been texting a co-worker while the pair were on a "date night," and that he killed her when they returned to their house later that night.

"The amount of time he’s looking at isn’t enough," Jay Steger told The Star Tribune. "I don’t care if he got a hundred years. It still wouldn’t have been enough."

Sentencing is set for November 25.

Watch CBS Minnesota's report on the verdict below.

[Image via Facebook]