When the robot apocalypse arrives, this is what will be chasing you

Boston Dynamics, inventor of a robot pack animal for military service and a robot cheetah that -- while tethered to a power cable on a treadmill -- could outpace Usain Bolt, has a new pet to play with.

"The Wildcat is a four-legged robot being developed to run fast on all types of terrain," Boston Dynamics said in the preamble to their demonstration video. "So far WildCat has run at about 16 mph on flat terrain using bounding and galloping gaits. The video shows WildCat's best performance so far. WildCat is being developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA's M3 program."

At a 16 mile per hour pace, the Wildcat is running a 3 minute, 45 second mile. The human world record mile holder clocked a 3:43 race in 1999.

Watch the rise of our new robot overlords below.