British man dies after mistaking liquid meth for health drink

A British man has died after drinking a bottle of liquid methamphetamine that he mistook for a health drink.

Romano Dias, of Cambridgeshire, poured himself a glass of the liquid, which came from a bottle mistakenly delivered to his daughter’s home three years ago, and drank a gulp of it.

His partner said in a statement that the 55-year-old Dias said immediately that the drink tasted awful and complained that his throat was burning.

Then he said: “I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead."

Authorities said the bottle contained more than $54,000 of pure methamphetamine, or crystal meth.

Dias’ daughter found the bottle in a package delivered to her address but under a different name, and she expected someone to pick it up.

But after six months, she decided to open up the unclaimed package and found the bottle, which she gave to her father a couple of years later.

An autopsy showed that Dias had consumed a massive dose of the drug, which is still relatedly rare in Britain, and his death was ruled an accident.

Investigators say the bottle of liquid meth was likely intended to ship to a dealer.

[Image: drug use via Shutterstock]