Chairman claims Nevada Libertarian Party 'infested with idiots'

The Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN), Joseph P. Silvestri, recently announced that he "need[s] a break" from the "knuckleheads" who run the LPN.

"I have little hope that we shall see any quality activists lead the LPN this next cycle," he writes. "We are infested with idiots."

Silvestri says he's struggled for a decade to make the state Libertarian party a competitor in Nevada but now must "concede defeat." With only 9,300 registered Libertarians in the state, only 200 of them are paid members of the LPN.

"Most people, even libertarians, are apathetic and kinda lazy," Silvestri says. "And too few people are really professional when they’re not being paid." Those who do participate "thrive on drama."

Silvestri complains that infighting between "con-man and fraud" Brett Pojunis and registered sex-offender Kurt Brackob has made it impossible for the LPN to field or fund viable candidates for local and state offices.

Pojunis, according to Silvestri, is a "fraud and a liar" who made promises he couldn't keep -- about viable candidates he could bring to the convention, as well as donations he could secure -- and courted the "lunatic fringe of the party" in order to enrich himself personally.

Brackob's unethical behavior is unrelated to his placement on the Nevada Sex Offender's Registry, but in Silvestri's opinion, Pojunis's fight to have Brackob placed on it created a toxic environment in which the main "goals" of the party became "hav[ing] an important-sounding title" and "mak[ing] money off the LPN."

"I’ve struggled with idiots who find it easier to destroy than create," Silvestri writes, but after "more than a decade trying to help build the LPN into a viable political organization that could compete with the establishment parties, and get Libertarians elected, I have conceded defeat."

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