Two long island deli owners appear to have gambled against the wits of one of their lottery customers and lost.

Police in New York's Nassau County said a 34-year-old man came into the Peninsula Deli & Grocery in Hempstead Thursday with a winning "Unwrap the Cash" lottery ticket worth $1 million. The man, who does not speak English, presented the ticket to Karim Jaghab, 26, the owner’s son, who allegedly convinced the man that the ticket was only worth $1,000, according to the New York Post.

Jagrab paid him $1,000 and took the ticket for himself, police said.

Friday, the man warily returned to confront the store owner. "Jaghab told the victim, 'Ok, I will pay you $10,000 as long as you don’t involve the police,' Nassau County police said. Jaghrab's father, the store owner, Nabil Jaghab, 57, also told the unnamed man that he had only won $10,000, police said.

After which, the man called police. Any prize more than $600 has to be claimed in person at the lottery offices, police noted.

Both father and son were placed under arrest without incident and are charged with Grand Larceny 2nd Degree.