Florida tea party co-founder decries takeover of Miami area Republican Party by gay 'thugs'

A co-founder of the Broward County, FL tea party has written an anxious plea for help from the state Republican Party chairman over an alleged takeover of the local Republican Party by the Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBT Republican group.

According to the Miami Sun-Sentinel, tea partier Danita Kilkullen called the Log Cabin Republicans a "thug organization" that has "all but taken over" the Broward County Republican Party.

The two factions of Republicans went to war when Log Cabin spokesperson Andy Eddy emailed a press release celebrating the U.S. Senate's passage of the Employee Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), which bars discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The email quoted national Log Cabin Republican director Gregory T. Angelo, who said, "Undoubtedly, the Republican Party is going through a cultural shift as more Republican legislators consistently step up for LGBT Americans. LCR believes this momentum already existing in the Party will help propel this bill to the House floor. Once there, we're confident it will pass. We encourage GOP House leadership of the 113th Congress to allow a conscience vote on ENDA and make history once again."

Kilkullen responded with an impassioned email supporting the House Republicans' resistance to the bill.

“We must fight with all we have," she wrote. "We must put  pressure on the House like has never been seen before.  I'll be damned if I will ever be forced to hire someone with orange hair, body/neck/face covered with tattoos, multiple piercings, or a man in a dress... or for that matter, a demonstrative effeminate male or purposeful butch-looking female."

"The Log Cabins are the same lobbyist organization that has all but taken over" the Broward County Republican Party, she continued.

"This is the same group who, based on nothing other than his recent stand for gay marriage, supports Chris Christie and who publicly worked against Cuccinelli for his stand for traditional marriage," she fumed. "Keep in mind, this is a thug organization with only their own 'special interests' in play."

Her entire email is available here.

[image via Shutterstock.com]