Fox News radio host Todd Starnes focused his daily outrage Thursday on a North Carolina school district that refused to let a local pastor hang posters with the words "In God We Trust" on campuses.

The Watauga Democrat reported on Wednesday that American Legion member Rick Cornejo, who also serves as a pastor at Mount Paran Baptist Church in Deep Gap, had asked the county Board of Education to let him display the 16-inch by 20-inch framed posters.

But Watauga County Schools spokesperson Marshall Ashcraft explained that the signs could be interpreted as promoting religion.

"Nowhere on it does it state anything about a religion," Cornejo remarked to the Watauga Democrat. "It merely says, 'In God We Trust.'"

Starnes took Cornejo's case to the Fox News website on Thursday, insisting that there was an "irony" in the fact that the school system paid teachers with money that said the words "In God We Trust" but would not accept the posters.

"I suspect the school board is wary of militant anti-Christian bigots and their army of legal minions – poised to attack God-fearing Americans with lawsuits," Starnes wrote.