Because it is A Holiday Classic Like No Other, and because everyone is getting off of the internet for the next day or two in order to be with their families (unless your last name is Cheney), here is younger Sarah Palin, before she rocketed past her freshness date like shit through a goose, just a'gabblin' and a'gobblin' and a'droppin' her g's while emotionally distressed turkeys line up behind her for assisted poultry seppuku in order to make the maddening horrible noise, which is like the heartbeat in The Tell-Tale Heart  but much worse, maybe even Katrina worse, stop.

So settle back with a bowl of deep-fried bacon-crusted giblets and a bladder buster-sized RC Cola and watch this with the kids instead of The Human Caterpillar which is always a treat for the whole family after they have gorged themselves on Happy Thanksgiving foodstuffs and pie just like the Pilgrims did before they reduced the indigenous population of the New World to a poorly coached 3-8 American football team owned by a dick.