Maher slams the 'thunderously wrong' Roberts-led Supreme Court: 'You f*cked up!'
Bill Maher hosts 'Real Time' on Nov. 15, 2013. [YouTube]

Friday night, during his weekly "New Rules" segment, Bill Maher slammed the U.S. Supreme Court -- and in particular Chief Justice John Roberts -- for pretending that decisions like the Citizens United ruling and gutting the Voting Rights Act (VRA) won't have any consequences.

"New Rule," Maher said, "if you promise the American people that something won't happen when you change the law, and then you change the law and it does happen, you have to eat a little shit for it."

He explained that he wasn't talking about President Barack Obama's assertions that if you like your policy with your health insurer, you can keep it under Obamacare. No, Maher said, he was talking about Roberts.

"Chief Justice John Roberts and the conservatives on the court changed the law and promised us no bad would come of it," said Maher, "and bad came of it almost immediately."

Maher said that Roberts is the judicial equivalent of the bomb-defuser in the film "The Hurt Locker," except that Roberts always cuts the wrong wire "and everything blows up."

Conservatives, he said, like to pretend that they were born yesterday and that racism no longer exists. But, within 48 hours of the Court's decision to strike down key provisions of the VRA, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina and Virginia all set about enacting new laws designed to keep ethnic minorities and other traditionally Democratic constituencies away from the polls.

"The Court was proved thunderously wrong in less time than it takes Miley Cyrus to get dressed," Maher said.

"The same thing happened with the Citizens United ruling," he continued. The decision made it possible for corporations and big businesses and mega-wealthy individuals to exercise undue influence over elections by pouring in their money.

The whole thing, Maher said, speaks to conservatives' lamentable naiveté and their unchecked sentimentality for an America that never existed.

“That is the problem with today’s conservatives," he said. "They are too sentimental about how wonderful America is. Racism? That’s over. Monied interests? They couldn’t corrupt us if they tried!”

And the results, he said, are almost always disastrous. Conservatives pretend they're rock-hard realists, he said, but they cry over fireworks and the smell of pie. The can't believe that God's chosen people would ever be so corruptible.

To which Maher quoted the movie "Animal House," saying, "You fucked up, you shouldn’t have trusted us!”

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