Maher's advice to GOP: Drop your guns and learn to love pot

Friday night on "Real Time with Bill Maher," host Bill Maher offered a very simple tip to the Republican Party on their outreach efforts. Particularly when it comes to young people, Maher said, the GOP needs to realize that pot deregulation is actually a fundamentally conservative cause and that Millennials are never going to go for the gun thing.

"And finally, New Rule," said Maher, "someone has to tell me how a guy as as useless and hateful as Ted Cruz (R-TX) can perform an act as pointless and cruel as hunting and still look like he's faking it."

He was referring to an Iowa pheasant hunting trip the freshman senator took with Rep. Steve King (R-IA) in which the two arch conservatives failed to bag any birds, but found time to pose for hundreds of photos.

"It's like your prison cellmate faking an orgasm while he rapes you," Maher said.

"Like many Americans," he said of Cruz's hunting portraits, "this photo makes me less likely to vote for you and more likely to wish that your hunting partner was Dick Cheney."

If Republicans want to effectively target young voters and recruit new people into the Republican Party, Maher said, hunting photos are "not really the way to do it."

"Millennials don't get up at 4:00 a.m. to sit and wait for a moose to walk by," he explained. "If they want to kill something, there's an X-Box right downstairs. No, if conservatives want to broaden their base, they shouldn't be pandering to hunters, they should be pandering to stoners."

"The New American voter isn't some old coot 'shootin' at some food,'" he said. "It's a young Latino lesbian who smokes a boatload of dope."

Republicans, he said, need to realize that individual freedom, deregulation and "taking jobs away from Mexicans" are all conservative values that are embodied in marijuana legalization.

Watch the video, embedded below via YoNoid News: