NYPD detective and bikers indicted in SUV attack
Motorcyclists attack man in SUV [YouTube]

An undercover New York City Police detective and 10 other motorcyclists were indicted on Friday for their alleged involvement in a September 2013 attack against a motorist, the Associated Press reported.

Charges against 32-year-old Detective Wojciech Braszczok include criminal mischief, gang assault, and riot, among others. Prosecutors argued that Braszczok, who was off duty at the time, joined in the Sept. 29 attack by members of the "Hollywood Stuntz" biker gang against Alexian Lien when he broke the back window of Lien's SUV.

Footage leading up to the attack, in which the bikers pursue Lien after he rear-ended one of the bikers then reportedly hit three more of them while trying to leave the scene, circulated widely online. Lien was eventually caught and beaten. But members of the group have argued that Lien should be charged for instigating the incident.

Braszczok was arrested on Oct. 8

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