Ohio college student loses his testicle after fraternity initiation
Ohio college student loses testicle after fraternity initiation [WKRC-TV]

Authorities in Wilmington, Ohio are investigating a fraternity initiation that resulted in a 19-year-old man losing a testicle.

WKRC-TV reported on Wednesday that Tyler Lawrence reportedly collapsed in pain after being struck in the groin during an Oct. 30 ceremony for the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity at Wilmington College.

The Smoking gun reported that an affadavit by local police stated that Lawrence and two other pledges were asked to remove their clothes while blindfolded, then had a substance resembling "Icy Hot" pain balm rubbed on their groin, buttocks, back and nipples. The three pledges were also hit with towels "that had their ends balled up into knots or items tied inside them to inflict pain." The affadavit stated that as many as 20 members of the fraternity are believed to have been present for the incident.

Lawrence reportedly complained about pain following the ceremony, and was taken to a local hospital where he had emergency surgery to remove the testicle. A search of the fraternity house the following day produced the items described during the ceremony. The Daily Mail reported that the fraternity has been suspended while the investigation continues.

WKRC reported that Lawrence defended Gamma Phi Gamma in an off-camera interview days after the ceremony, saying the injuries he sustained were accidental.

Watch WKRC's report on the initiation, published on Wednesday, below.