Gilberton, Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler is organizing what he calls a "professional" militia while awaiting the final decision on his job status.

The Patriot News reported on Thursday that Kessler, who is still the subject of a termination hearing with local officials, has posted recruitment notices on his website for a group he calls "The III%," named after the percentage of U.S. colonists who took up arms against King George.

"Most people I come across are looking for some kind of direction," Kessler was quoted as saying by the News last week, explaining that people come to him wanting to do more than wear shirts representing the National Rifle Association or another group he founded, the Constitutional Security Force.

"They want to go out and learn how to handle firearms safely, they want to learn first aid, they want to be a part of their community," Kesser told the News. Memberships cost $15 a month for "support personnel" and $25 a month for "boots on the ground" members, and Kessler also sells some of the required attire on the site, along with a shirt that says, "Liberals take it in the a*s" on the back.

However, Kessler insists on the site that anyone who supports the overthrow of the current government will be "banned and reported to appropriate authorities." Kessler has denied accusations that his series of videos showing him firing on figurines meant to represent political figures like Secretary of State John Kerry and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) were anti-government, saying they were meant in "support of the First Amendment."

Local officials have yet to reconvene an Oct. 10 termination hearing against Kessler that was interrupted after a loaded handgun brought in by one of his supporters fell to the ground.

[Image via WTXF-TV]