Rob Ford to find show where people will believe his 'outrageous lies' in SNL cold open

The cold open to Saturday Night Live last night featured repertory player Bobby Moynihan as embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

The skit began as a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News Toronto interview with Ford, who repeatedly confessed that he'd "goofed up" during the previous week.

Each attempted confession, however, entailed a further "goof up," as when he ended an apologetic news conference by informing reporters that he had some ChapStick for when they "kissed his fat f*cking white *ss."

A few hours later, he held another press conference, during which a crack dealer played by Jay Pharoah approached him with "what you asked for."

"Not here," Ford said. "Let's do it behind the podium."

"Well, I've your stuff right here."

"Don't say what it is, don't say what it is," Ford replied, before shouting, "Whoa! That's a lot of crack!"

When he became fed up with the tenor of the CBC News Toronto interview, Ford declared he would take his story to "a show where people do believe me and will believe anything I say," at which point the skit cut to the image of Lara Logan, co-host of 60 Minutes, above.

Watch the entire skit below.