'Urban terrorism': 10 shot and 3 killed in Detroit attack
'Yellow Tape Blocks Off A Crime Scene With Broken Glass' [Shutterstock]

Detroit police are questioning a person of interest in an attack on a local barber shop Wednesday evening that left three people dead and another six injured, WWJ-TV reported.

"This is a violent act, and basically what I refer to as urban terrorism," Police Chief James Craig was quoted as saying at a Wednesday morning press conference.

Craig also said that the unidentified man was picked up on unrelated charges, adding that he was "a convicted felon and was wearing body armor at the time of arrest." The Detroit Free Press reported that local police have contacted the U.S. Attorney's office to see if he could face federal charges for having the armor.

Authorities said the attack began when two vehicles, described as two 2004 Chevrolet Impalas, one black and wone white, pulled up in front of Al's Barber Shop and began shooting. Not long afterwards, a witness reported seeing someone walk into the shop through the back door and also opening fire.

Craig said on Wednesday that between 20 and 30 people were in the shop's back room at the time of the attack while attending a neighborhood dice game. The three men killed were identified as 40-year-old Kevin Perryman, 29-year-old Bryan Williams and 61-year-old Jozell Williams.

One resident, who refused to give her name, told the Free Press the shop had been the site of violent incidents in the past, and that she has stayed away despite its popularity in the 7 Mile neighborhood.

"It's a good neighborhood, just some stuff went down," the woman was quoted as saying. "You don't go in shooting dice and gambling when there's no windows."

Watch a video report by the Free Press, posted on Thursday, below.

[Image: "Yellow Tape Blocks Off A Crime Scene With Broken Glass" via Shutterstock]