Two former West Point cadets were married Saturday in the first marriage ceremony between two men at the United States Military Academy.

The couple, Larry Choate III and Daniel Lennox, exchanged vows before about 20 people in the Cadet Chapel.

"It's going to be just like every other wedding there," Choate said before the ceremony, "except probably a lot smaller and no bride."

Two previous same-sex weddings involving female couples were held late last year.

The 28-year-old Choate graduated in 2009 and the 27-year-old Lennox was a member of the 2007 class.

The couple did not know one another as cadets but met later through a mutual friend, and neither man is currently serving in the military.

The military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy remained in effect while the men were cadets at West Point, and same-sex marriage was not legally permitted in New York until 2011, the same year the Pentagon lifted its ban on openly gay service members.

The Pentagon issued a memo in 2011 affirming the right of faith leaders to marry gay couples on military bases, as well as the right to decline participation in such ceremonies.