Convicted Colorado rapist accused of trying to have his victim killed
Convicted Colorado rapist accused of trying to have victim killed [KCNC-TV]

A Colorado man already facing 31 years in prison on a sexual assault conviction has also been charged with trying to pay gang members to kill his victim.

KCNC-TV reported on Friday that 41-year-old Tony Dotson is suspected of approaching members of two Denver-area street gangs and "associates" of a white supremacist group and offering them a $14,000 ring, a Mercedes-Benz, and money in exchange for killing the woman.

At the time, Dotson was in jail awaiting trial for the May 2012 attack, in which he faked a burglary attempt before assaulting the woman while threatening her with a knife. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 17, 2014.

The Denver Post reported that Dotson is accused of using $6,691 deposited in his inmate account to ingratiate himself with other prisoners and find a prospective hitman. He faces an additional 24 years in prison if convicted of solicitation to murder.

Later, the friend used $1,000 of the money as a partial payment for the prospective hit. Two additional suspects were later arrested in connection with the scheme. Prosecutors told KCNC the woman, a friend of Dotson's fiancee, was outside the state and out of danger.

Dotson is also reportedly the last person to see his sister, Nonnie, alive before her disappearance in 2007. Her case has never been solved.

Watch KCNC's report, aired on Friday, below.