Florida man arrested for assaulting wife with turkey neck
Turkeys [Shutterstock]

Sheriff's deputies in Hernando County, Florida arrested a 49-year-old man on Thursday for assaulting his wife with a turkey neck. ABC News Tampa reported that Michael Mullady struck his wife in the neck with a turkey neck during an argument, then threw it at her.

According to Mullady's arrest report, he and his wife were arguing because she refused to hand over the family checkbook. Mullady began to break things in the kitchen.

When his wife tried to walk away, Mullady allegedly seized a turkey neck from the counter, struck her in the neck with it, then threw it at her as she retreated.

A turkey neck is exactly what it sounds like, the bird's bony upper spine. Typically the neck is packed inside a grocery store turkey along with the other giblets, which include the turkey's heart, gizzard and other organs. Cooks use the giblets to make gravies, broths and stocks.

Mullady was arrested on battery charges and released on $1,000 bond. A judge has ordered him not to have contact with his wife.

[image of turkey farm via Shutterstock.com]