Despite our best efforts, it looks like Christmas is on and is happening and you cannot stop it.  You win Fox News. You're too darn smart for us.


Merry Whateverfloatsyourboatmas from New York City where I am spending the holidays with the L&T Casey (for you newbies, that is my lovely and talented daughter who is going to grad school here) while the svelte and scrumdiddlyumptious Mrs TBogg keeps the home fires burning back in San Diego and, by 'keeps the homes fires burning', I mean: picks up dog poop and yells at the dogs while on walks when they act like idiots which is always. While in San Diego it will be in the seventies this week, here it is TOO DAMN COLD, which I do not appreciate one damn bit, nosiree bob. Additionally (as I pointed out on the twitter machine) , I've been here for over three hours and I have yet to find a body in a dumpster or a stairwell, so Law & Order SVU is total bullshit. Color me disappointed...

I just wanted to pop in and say that posting may be a little sporadic in the coming days, not that you will care since most of you are off from work for the next week and we all know that you normally do your internet browsing while at work instead of doing your actual job which is why America is no longer competitive  in Tom Friedman's flat world and you will be damned if you are going to spend your personal time on websites instead of reclining on the couch watching Law & Order SVU marathons, which are total bullshit by the way.

Anyway I will attempt to do my part to keep the Mighty Economic Engine That Is America going with a post (live from New York and The Chipped Cup!) here and there providing someone says or writes something profoundly stupid on the internet which makes for for post fodderbut what are the chances of that happening? Like almost not.

Happy Holidays from all of us, human and bassety, and we heartily endorse this young lady's feelings about holidays and things in life in general:

child flipping off the camera