Sonic apologizes for racist sign in front of Kansas City area restaurant

A sign outside a Belton, Missouri Sonic Drive-in that went viral on Twitter has forced the company to issue a string of apologies. Here is the original tweet:

The sign refers to Sunday's National Football League game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Washington football team. It read that the Chiefs -- who, like the Washington team, have a Native American-themed logo and mascot -- will "scalp the Redskins," "feed them whiskey," and "send 2 reservation."

Accounts conflict as to how long the sign remained in front of the Sonic. Some claim it was only "about 15 minutes." But the official Sonic Drive-In twitter account only notes that the sign was up for "less than an hour":

In the hours since the first tweet went viral, Sonic Drive-In has written over 300 tweets apologizing for the racism of the sign:

As well as assuring potential customers that "franchise owner" and "our brand" are "sincerely sorry."

As for the actual employee responsible for the sign, in addition to "coaching," the employee is being "counseled" by the franchise owner:

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