Stephen Colbert on pot and gay marriage: 'You put anything in your mouth' with munchies

Last night, Stephen Colbert discussed the effect the legalization of pot will have on the citizens of Colorado.

He began by explaining the general trend in favor of legalization. "Suddenly, a majority of Americans favor decriminalizing 'Satan's oregano' with 58 percent for it and only 39 percent opposed," he said. "Which means that if you took a vote today, pot would still be illegal because 58 percent of the voters would be at home attempting telekinesis on a burrito."

After airing a clip from CNN in which the rules governing the sale of weed to Coloradans and non-Coloradans were explained, Colbert noted that "you can buy weed all day long. It will be like the parking lot of a Phish concert and, best of all, Phish isn't playing."

He then explained that the "dark, shady pot industry has become so mainstream that the Denver Post just announced it had hired a 'pot editor.'"

"It'll be easy to identify the column," he said, "because it'll just be a handwritten note asking for an extension."

Watch the entire segment from Colbert Nation below.

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