Virginia police use dating site OKCupid to set up an arrest sting
Cops use dating site to catch Virginia man with arrest warrant [WWBT-TV]

Police in Richmond, Virginia say a 24-year-old man picked the wrong time to be punctual, allowing him to be arrested on a warrant for missing court appearances.

WWBT-TV reported on Tuesday that authorities arrested Ryan Covington at a local restaurant, where he believed he was going on a blind date with a woman he met on the dating site OKCupid. But in reality, "Sasha," was a fake profile created by Lt. Daniel Minton.

Covington, who was already on probation for two drug-related charges, missed a court date after being arrested for allegedly breaking and entering into a vehicle in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood.

"He wasn't wanted for a very violent crime," Minton told WWVB. "But to the people in the neighborhood where he lives, you know, they want him off the street."

After exchanging messages for about a week, Covington agreed to meet "Sasha." Minton told WWVB that he told the suspect to watch for someone wearing a black turtleneck and red skirt. Instead, Minton wore his uniform for the real meeting.

"He kept saying 'I'm supposed to be meeting someone here on a blind date'," Minton told WWVB. "I said 'Well, you have a warrant for your arrest. You're coming with us instead."

Covington is now due back in court in January to address missing his earlier court dates, and faces a separate hearing in March on the drug charges.

Watch WWVB's story on the unusual capture, aired on Tuesday, below.