An unidentified police officer has been suspended after footage surfaced online of a 70-year-old woman being thrown to the ground face-first after being dragged out of her car.

WSB-TV reported on Friday that police in St. Simons Island, Georgia, charged Kathleen Allegrone with driving under the influence and one felony count of resisting officers after the encounter on Dec. 5. She is currently out of jail after posting bond.

One witness, who refused to be identified, told WSB that the incident began when Allegrone's car hit another vehicle. When police approached her, she refused to exit her car, prompting officers to drag her out. The condition of the other motorist involved has not been revealed.

A video of the incident apparently posted by the same witness on Dec. 10 posts identities for two of the officers involved, but they have not been confirmed. The footage shows police handcuffing the woman and taking her to their vehicle. Seconds later, one of the officers slams her to the ground.

"You can hear her head hit the pavement," the witness states in the video.

The witness told WSB the impact broke her nose. WSB reported that Allegrone's mugshot showed dried blood collected under her nose.

"It really looked like a UFC takedown," the witness told WSB. "The tape doesn't do it justice, either the slam or the anguished cry afterwards."

Another witness can be heard in the video criticizing Allegrone as a "dumb chick," saying she "ran into the back of these people and then cussed them out for stopping in front of her."

Allegrone does not appear to move for at least a minute after being thrown down. While the officers attend to her, another policeman approaches the witness and asks him to stop filming.

"It's not against the law, though," the witness says.

"I know it's not against the law," the officer replies. "I'm just asking you not to do it."

"I know you're asking me," the witness says, before asking, "Is it okay if I do it?"

"I cannot stop you," the officer concedes. "All I can say is, if it was your friend over there, or if it was yourself, would you want this out?" The officer then begins prodding the witness, saying, "Yes or no, sir?"

"I don't want to answer any questions," the witness states.

"Why is that?" the officer asks, to which the witness repeats that he does not want to. The officer then asks for his name.

"Do I have to give my name?" the witness asks.

"Yes you do," the officer states. "You're a witness to what's going on here. What is your name, please?"

"I don't feel part of it at all," the witness says.

"Then what are you doing taking a video if you're not part of it?" the officer asks. The video stops after the witness consents to identifying himself.

The unidentified officer was reportedly suspended with pay.

Watch the incident, as posted on Tuesday, below.

[Image: Angry 'warrior cop' via Shutterstock]