California teacher arrested for lacing potluck food with marijuana
Teacher arrested after bringing pot-laced food to party [KPIX-TV]

Police in Benicia, California arrested a 47-year-old elementary school teacher on Friday for allegedly poisoning colleagues by bringing food laced with marijuana to a potluck dinner.

KPIX-TV reported that Teresa Gilmete Badger arrest followed a six-week investigation into the events of the November 2013 party organized by teachers at Matthew Turner Elementary.

Police did not specify what Badger allegedly brought to the Nov. 21 event. But according to department spokesperson Frank Hartig, the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol -- the active ingredient in marijuana -- was confirmed in at least one victim. Hartig also said at a press conference that partygoers began reporting suffering adverse effects nearly immediately afterwards.

"One of the partygoers was rushed to the hospital with severe reactions; she was hospitalized," Hartig said. "The very next morning, another partygoer was taken to the hospital, because she continued to feel like she was under the influence of something."

Another partygoer told authorities their 15-year-old child also got sick after they brought some of Badger's dish home from the party. KNTV-TV reported that Badger, who has worked as a teacher for eight years, was booked into jail on $15,000 bail.

Watch KPIX's report, aired on Saturday, below.

[h/t New York Daily News]