Christian radio host backs Ablow: 'Science' of the Bible says trans people don't exist
Bryan Fischer 011614 [Right Wing Watch]

American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer attempted on Thursday to justify the conservative case denying the very existence of trans men and women, saying the Bible backed up those "operating in the realm of science."

"The people that are pushing this transgender bathroom deal, they're the ones that are anti-science," Fischer said, alluding to the California law allowing trans students to use locker rooms and restrooms according to their gender identity. "They're the ones that have closed their minds to biology, have closed their minds to anatomy, have closed their minds to everything we know about genetics."

Without mentioning Fox News' Keith Ablow's recent column by name, Fischer suggested that Christianity backed Ablow's "scientific" reasoning, because a person's DNA is assigned to them "by a creator God who doesn't make those kind of mistakes," and that trans people can reaffirm the "truth" about themselves" through prayer, since thinking otherwise is a lie "just coming from Satan."

"If we embrace the truth that we find in the Scriptures -- that you are either male or female, DNA does lie, anatomy doesn't lie -- and you take authority over any lie that comes into your mind, then you eventually will be thinking straight about your sexual identity," Fischer said. "So we're the ones that are operating in the realm of science here."

Conservatives have been apopleptic about the law since it was signed into effect in August 2013, though activist groups have pointed out that their rhetoric often fails to provide real solutions for trans students.

"They know we're not talking about boys who want to pretend that they're girls or girls who want to pretend they’re boys," National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling told The Raw Story shortly after it was passed. "They know we're talking about people who have a gender identity that want to safely use the restroom in a way that is least disruptive."

Watch Fischer's remarks, as posted by Right Wing Watch on Thursday, below.