Fake cancer charity founder goes to jail for scholarship scheme
'Boobies Rock' image [Facebook]

A Colorado man previously reported to be the head of a ficticious breast cancer charity was sent to jail for two weeks after being caught running a scam involving fake college scholarships.

The Denver Post reported on Friday that Adam Cole Shryock was ordered by a Denver judge to begin his 14-day sentence on account of violating a court order barring him from conducting promotional activities for alleged charities.

Shryrock was found to have used $36,000 from a frozen bank account to make t-shirts promoting "I Heart This Bar," which he claimed was a fundraiser for college scholarships. The shirts were then sold in stadium parking lots by promotional models contracted by Shryrock.

"In reality, the 'scholarship fund' was nothing more than a cash bonus for the promotional managers and the entire scheme ran afoul of the court's orders," state Attorney General John Suthers (R) told the Post.

As Boing Boing reported in 2012, Shryrock was investigated by the Illinois Attorney General's office for activities related to "Boobies Rock!," which he claimed raised money for "breast cancer awareness" by selling merchandise at sporting events and bars, with proceeds going to other groups.

But the organizations working with Shryrock's group complained that they were under-compensated, or not paid at all, for use of their names or logos. His assets were subsequently frozen. Prosecutors in Colorado said he tried to get around the court order by having money raised by "I Love This Bar" sent to his home.

"The court was incensed that he would even try to access those accounts," deputy attorney general Jan Zavislan told the Post.

[Image via "Events with Boobie Rocks!" Facebook page]

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