Florida man bites neighbor's ear off over a cigarette
Florida man bites neighbor's ear over cigarette [WPEC-TV]

A Florida man was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly biting off a piece of his neighbor's ear after not getting a cigarette, the Palm Beach Post reported on Tuesday.

Police said Albert Felipe started acting belligerently toward the victim, 54-year-old John Ott, after patting him down looking for a cigarette.

"He said, 'You want to fight?'" Ott told the Post. "The next thing I know, he's got me in a bear hug and biting my ear."

An affadavit for Felipe's arrest stated that he bit Ott's ear and held on as the two men fell to the ground. A neighbor pulled the two men apart, and Ott drove himself to a local hospital, where about one square inch of his ear was sewn back on. However, Felipe told authorities Ott grabbed him.

WPEC-TV reported that Felipe has been arrested on three other occasions on assault and battery charges. He was charged with battery after the encounter with Ott, and released on $3,000 bond from Palm Beach County Jail.

Ott told WPEC he intends to file a restraining order against Felipe.

"I was in shock," the alleged victim, Ott was quoted as saying. "I mean, over a cigarette."

[Image via WPEC-TV]