Oklahoma is OK! with Satan statue for next year's family photo War on Christmas cards

Always had a hankering to vacation in Oklahoma in order to see a bleak landscape dotted with oil derricks, strip centers, meth-addicted teens hanging out in front of the Sip 'n Save, and the kind of neon-y glitz and glamour that makes Nebraska look like Wyoming? No? Okay then.

But what if I told you that  THIS would be waiting for you?:


Actually, it wouldn't just be the drawing because it would be stupid to go all the way to Oklahoma just to see a drawing ... or to live there for that matter. Nope, the New York–based Satanic Temple is going to give a real not-live statue of Our Dark Lord Goathead Satan H. Christ to the good people of Oklahoma City for freesies  just like that time when the French gave Murica that big-ass lady statue that we displayed in the middle of New York Harbor to fool incoming immigrants into thinking that American women are hawt just like French women; a tradition of 'shading the truth' that continues to this day on Match.com.

Here are the cool details:

The proposed statue depicts Satan in the form of Baphomet, Time reports, a goat-headed biped complete with horns, hoofs, and wings, sitting against a stone with a pentagram etched into it. Standing on Satan’s sides are two smiling children, and Satan’s lap will also function as a chair “where people of all ages may sit . . . for inspiration and contemplation,” said Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves.

Late last year, the American Civil Liberties Union contested the placement of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the state house, arguing that if the legislature allowed the Ten Commandments, it must allow other religious groups to put up monuments as well.

I think it was a nice touch to model the children after President Barack Obama and Future President Hillary Clinton thereby beating the rush of monuments that will be springing up in tribute to them right after we're done re-renaming everything that was renamed after Ronald Reagan  and right before we hand the country over to the Muslims. Or the Chinese. Some foreigners. Whomever.

But wait! There's more!:

Following the ACLU’s lead, several other groups requested to erect monuments, including a Hindu group, an animal-rights organization, and the pastafarian Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


May His Noodly Appendages entwine and protect you and yours and, if you sit on His lap to have your picture taken, take care to not sit on His Meatballs because... ow.