National Review Online has up one big old honkin' mess of a 'story' about how Rachel Maddow is  some kind of "queen" who is nancying up MSNBC with her butch ways and also her feminine wiles which is making us all totally gender confused about what the hell is going on not only in America but also in our pants. This delightful bit of reportorial flailing in an attempt to make some kind of point is written by Eliana Johnson (who is the daughter of one of the goofy looking guys at Powerline because wingnut welfare never sleeps) and is chock-a-block full of quotes Drudge-sourced from anonymous MSNBC people in the know who are just aching to mean-girl bitch-dish on la Maddow to someone at NRO.

Here is your subhead so that you know which road we are headed down:

Maddow is part of the new matriarchy running NBC News behind the scenes.

Well then.

Tell me more, tell me more:

MSNBC, the left-leaning cable-news network, has settled on one solution to its recent problems. It now has an executive reviewing scripts before they go on the air. The role, which has fallen to Rich Stockwell, a former executive producer of The Ed Show and Countdown with Keith Olbermann who now oversees special projects at the network...

After pointing out that Rachel Maddow is the only adult wearing the man-pants at MSNBC because she is not making innocent off-hand comments that send Michelle Malkin into grand mal ragegasms like everyone else on the network apparently is, Johnson continues:

Though she provides the network’s ideological vision — MSNBC president Phil Griffin has called her “our quarterback” — she’s neither an executive nor a manager. Griffin, who wears both hats, is, from all appearances, letting the inmates run the asylum.

For those keeping score at home the "matriarchy" appears to be entirely composed of Rich Stockwell and Phil Griffin who (at Rachels' behest) got rid of Alec Baldwin (for being a big ol' homophobe because Rachel made him do it) and Martin Bashir (for being racist about Sarah Palin's coprophagia after Rachel casually mentioned it over snack-time pudding) because Rachel Maddow IS THAT GOOD. Yes she is.  And since those NOW FIRED MEN were not her buddies Rachel got them shit-canned and replaced with her young smart-thing BFF's like Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, Alex Wagner, and Melissa Harris-Perry.  NRO's Johnson pays particular attention to Chris Hayes who, combined with fellow man-people Stockwell and Griffin, gives this Maddow Matriarchy a distinctive sausage-fest vibe, leading me to believe that someone needs to mansplain  what 'matriarchy' means to Eliana Johnson.

So what is the real reason for MSNBC giving a shot to some New Kids On The Block? Just look at their top-rated show:

Maddow herself is the highest-paid and highest-rated talent at MSNBC, but beyond her own program, her quest to fill the network with her protégés may be dragging down ratings. Being an intellectual and a true believer is not, it seems, a good thing if you’re in the ratings business. Though Maddow looks askance at populist showmen such as Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and Al Sharpton, their shows regularly outperform those of Maddow’s wonky acolytes.

So MSNBC is trying to catch lightning in a bottle again like they did with Maddow but, to be honest, the next generation, while excruciatingly painfully sincere, lack Maddow's showmanship and ability to slip the shiv in with a twist, a rip and a devastating smile. And it's probably not news to you that television is in the habit of regurgitating successful formats which is why there are about twenty three iterations of Law & Order on TV right this minute. So the big programming reveal here is: no duh.

Having said that, we await Eliana Johnson's devastating expose of the corporate culture at Fox in light of  Megyn Kelly's meteoric rise which will undoubtedly lead to Roger Ailes replacing all of Fox's prime time hosts with white people ...  but wait, don't bother, they're here...