Stephen Colbert: Obama right on Afghanistan, but shouldn't have faked his 'war-gasm'

On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert complained that the Chris Christie "flap" is "all a distraction from the real scandal: that Barack Obama is a failure."

"The facts don't lie," he said. "And now, at long last, those facts are backed up by some information."

After punning in a coprophagous manner on the title of former Defense Secretary Robert Gates's new memoir, Duty, Colbert played a clip from Rush Limbaugh's show in which the radio host said that the fact that Gates says many positive things about Obama "gives his criticisms more 'oomph.'"

Colbert agreed, saying "that is some cogent, incisive analysis from Rush, which is surprising because the man's got sh*t for brains."

"And remember," he added, "remember folks, that criticism's got more 'oomph' because I said something positive about him first."

He then read an excerpt from Gates's book, in which the former Secretary of Defense complained that the troops wanted "more passion for [the war in Afghanistan] from [Obama]."

"Yes," Colbert concluded. "Obama made the right decision, but he faked his 'war-gasm.'"

Watch the entire segment on Gates's revelations below.

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