Alabama high school overruled after trying to ban same-sex prom couples
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An Alabama high school's apparent attempt to ban same-sex couples from attending this year's prom was promptly rebuffed after being leaked online.

WSFA-TV reported on Wednesday that rules for the event at Greenville High School originally stipulated [PDF] that "prom dates are defined as traditional couples and will follow the traditional guidelines of previous proms." The rules allowed for dates between the ages of "10th grade to 20 years of age." The rules were attributed to Principal Joseph Dean. The statement also urged students not to be upset at the DJ if he played "tasteful music."

But the statement was quickly overruled by Amy Bryan, interim superintendent for the Butler County School District.

"No one has lost their right to go anywhere," Bryan told WSFA. "It was unfortunate that it was in our rules. It has been corrected at that school. All children will be welcome to the junior/senior prom."

Bryan told WSFA she was not sure what prompted the directive from Dean's office, but denied any malicious intent on his part.

Regardless, as WAKA-TV reported, the attempted ban was quickly met with disapproval from many students.

"There was actually a straight girl sitting beside me, and she was getting more mad than I was about it," senior Sarah Smith, who is gay, told WAKA. "So that made me feel pretty good to know that somebody was on our side."

Watch WSFA's report on the quick overruling of the ban, as aired on Wednesday, below.

[Image: "Smiling Teenage Girls Showing Prom Corsages" via Shutterstock]