Bill Maher rips hilariously weird Mormon anti-masturbation PSA

On Friday night's edition of "Real Time," host Bill Maher devoted a segment of the show to ridiculing a Mormon-made PSA for young men warning about the dangers of pornography and masturbation.

"They really don't like masturbation over there in the Mormon religion," Maher said. "And they made a video which basically said that if you are in college and you see your roommate getting addicted to porn, stop him. Intervene."

The short film made the analogy that allowing your roommate to become addicted to pornography and masturbation is like soldiers leaving an injured comrade on the battlefield.

"Watch it if you don't believe me," he said, rolling a clip of the ad, which featured Brigham Young University of Idaho president Kim B. Clark.

"The enemy whispers 'Don't get involved, it's not your problem,'" said Clark in voice-over. "Brothers and sisters, don't leave the wounded on the battlefield."

Maher laughingly said that the Catholics are now off the hook because "we've found someone worse than they are" about masturbation.

He produced a pamphlet from the Church of Latter Day Saints called, "Overcoming Masturbation: A Guide to Self Control."

"I am not making this up," he said.

He then began to dispense some advice from the pamphlet like "Wear pajamas that are difficult to open" and "In severe cases it may become necessary to tie a hand to the bed frame" to stop masturbation in "a semi-sleep condition."

"Let me tell you," Maher said, "if you're jacking off in a 'semi-sleep condition,' you do have a problem."

Watch the video, embedded below: