Fox News host Bill O'Reilly invited two women onto his show  to discuss whether a woman could be the leader of the free world, expressing his concern about her "gender deficiency."

Neither guest was having it.

Following up on a previous interview with Michele Bachman (R-MN), who stated that she did not feel that America was ready for a woman president, O'Reilly invited Republican strategist Kate Obenshain and Fox contributor Kirsten Powers on to discuss the issue.

O'Reilly started with Powers asking if there was "some downside to having a woman president, something that may not fit with that office, correct?"

"Hmmm, I'm gonna say say, no, Bill," Powers replied, while Obenshain laughed.

"Just because you're female that it would... something ... ummmm," Powers said, running out of words before asking O'Reilly, "Let me ask you this, whats the downside of a man being president?"

O'Reilly replied that it would take "three years" to discuss, stating, "look at some of the guys we've had in there since 1864."

Turning to Obenshain, O'Reilly admitted that  men "may not be as open to sensitive discussion as women" and asked, "There's gotta be a downside for a woman, do you know one?"

"Uh, you know , I'm having a tough time with this one too, Bill. It depends on the certain individual," she replied before Powers interjected and Obenshain laughed and added, "Oh, good."

Running down a history of strong women leaders, O'Reilly  listed ways in which Russian President  Putin, North Korea, the Chinese  and "the mullahs" would test a hypothetical Hillary Clinton presidency, with O'Reilly stating, "they'll do all of that, just to see how it goes, Kate."

"But, Bill, they do that to everybody," Powers replied.

Video below from Media Matters for America: