Penis cakes and gay orgies: Tea Partier frets about wedding 'tyranny' in Arizona

Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips said that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R)'s veto on the state's "Turn Away the Gays" law means Christian workers will be forced into "slavery" for same-sex couples because they dare not refuse to work for them.

Right Wing Watch reported that Phillips published a column on Tea Party Nation's website on Thursday in which he fretted that Christian bakers will be forced to make penis-shaped cakes and that religious wedding photographers will be forced to stand by and helplessly take pictures of naked revelers performing lewd acts.

“The left and the homosexual lobby are both pushing slavery using the Orwellian concepts of ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusiveness,’” wrote Phillips.

Brewer's veto of SB 1062, he said, will have hellish consequences that will shock and horrify the righteous people of that state.

"Should a devote [sic] baker be required to create a cake for a homosexual wedding that has a giant phallic symbol on it or should a baker be required to create pastries for a homosexual wedding in the shape of genitallia [sic]?" he fumed.

"Or should a photographer be required to photograph a homosexual wedding where the participants decide they want to be nude or engage in sexual behavior?" he asked. "Would they force a Jewish photographer to work a Klan or Nazi event? How about forcing a Muslim caterer to work a pork barbecue dinner?"

"SB 1062 is a bigger story than simply the story of a cowardly governor who has no core beliefs," he wrote. "SB 1062 is the story of liberalism at work in America."

"Liberalism is the paranoid belief that leftists have that somewhere, someone may be thinking for themselves," he went on. "It is tyranny on the march."

[image of penis-shaped cake via Flickr Creative Commons]