Chicago college official arrested for pleasuring himself on colleague's shoe
'Young Woman Holding Up a shoe' [Shutterstock]

The safety director for a Chicago-area college was charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct for allegedly masturbating into a woman's shoe while she was out of her office.

Oak Leaves reported that 38-year-old Tim Margis was arrested on Feb. 12, two days after the woman, a fellow Concordia University-Chicago employee, discovered a "clear liquid" inside the shoe.

Two nights earlier, the woman told authorities she saw Margis leave her office while readjusting his pants and belt. When she asked Margis why he was there, he explained that he was checking the office because the door had been left open. But he admitted to pleasuring himself on the shoe while being interviewed by detectives.

A school spokesperson, Eric Matanyi, told Oak Leaves that Concordia disassociated itself with Margis upon learning of his arrest.

"At that point the employee was suspended and banned immediately from campus," Matanyi was quoted as saying. "We cooperated fully with the investigation and he was terminated on Feb. 13 for misconduct, less than 24 hours later."

Watch a report from WGN, embedded below.

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