New Jersey Governor Chris Christie received a rude welcome from New Yorkers in Times Square today as he was booed by the huge crowd attending the ceremonial 'handing off' of the Super Bowl to  next year's host Arizona, according to

Christie, reeling from yesterday's revelations by former Port Authority official and high school classmate David Wildstein that he could prove Christie knew about the controversial lane closures on  the George Washington Bridge while they were happening, spoke for a less than a minute as boos rained down.

"Thank you very much to all of our patrons, the NFL, the team owners, look forward to handing it off to Arizona," Christie said, speaking over the catcalls. "I was proud to be in New Orleans last year to accept the hand off on behalf of the region and we look forward to hosting everybody in this group that's got a ticket tomorrow to watch the greatest sports spectacle in the world. Congratulations to the NFL and congratulations to the host committee."

Christie's appearance came on the same day  his office sent out an email to friends and allies, obtained by POLITICO, aggressively defending the governor and attacking The New York Times and Wildstein, saying, “Bottom line — David Wildstein will do and say anything to save David Wildstein.”

Under a subject line that read “5 Things You Should Know About The Bombshell That’s Not A Bombshell.” the email read, “A media firestorm was set off by sloppy reporting from the New York Times and their suggestion that there was actually ‘evidence’ when it was a letter alleging that ‘evidence exists.’”

Turning back to Wildstein, the email continues, “In David Wildstein’s past, people and newspaper accounts have described him as ‘tumultuous’ and someone who ‘made moves that were not productive,’” and then goes on to state, “David Wildstein has been publicly asking for immunity since the beginning, been held in contempt by the New Jersey legislature for refusing to testify, failed to provide this so-called ‘evidence’ when he was first subpoenaed by the NJ Legislature and is looking for the Port Authority to pay his legal bills.”

Wildstein took the Fifth when called before  state lawmakers to testify before a panel investigating the bridge closures. Wildstein’s lawyer has previously said that if Wildstein “has immunity from the relevant entities, he’ll talk.”