An animated CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield spoke out against alleged death threats that she and her family have received in response to her coverage of Michael Dunn‘s murder trial.

“Call it back, folks!” she said. “Stop threatening to kill people on Twitter because you don’t like what they are saying! That’s the problem: If we can’t communicate, we are never going to know what the problem is. And this is a case that outlines it.”

Dunn, the so-called “loud music” shooter, was convicted Saturday on three counts of second-degree attempted murder, however jurors were deadlocked on whether he committed first-degree murder despite the death 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

In her commentary on the case, Banfield has suggested race may have played a factor in the jury’s decision which has resulted in criticism via social media. Banfield told her panelists Monday that she intends to continue to discuss the Dunn case, but complained about heated and threatening rhetoric on Twitter, referring to it as "peanut gallery comments."

“And you know what? No Twitter,” a passionate Banfield said. “I have had it with people who are threatening me, and my kids, and my family over simply commenting on the law and criminal procedure and respecting juries. Because they do work hard. They work way harder than I do; and they work way harder than the rest of those people making those peanut gallery comments.”