Colorado woman: Jesus Christ put my newborn baby on railroad tracks
'The Girl on the Rail, waiting for the train' [Shutterstock]

A Colorado woman told police that Jesus Christ pulled her two-week-old baby from her arms and laid the child on train tracks, KKTV-TV reported on Tuesday.

31-year-old Jennifer Sloan was accused of attempted first-degree murder following the incident in Pueblo on Feb. 14. KKTV reported at the time that witnesses saw Sloan leave the newborn girl on the tracks, in front of a train that was about to depart.

"I was freaking out," one witness, Eduardo Fontes, told KKTV. "On the first car, I knocked on their window and was like, 'Hey man this woman just left her baby. The baby is on the tracks right next to the train.'"

A train conductor notified workers about the child being on the tracks. She was pulled away by two city workers and was not injured. The child is currently in foster care.

Sloan was caught and held by witnesses before police arrived to arrest her. She reportedly stated in court that she wanted to speak without a lawyer.

Watch KKTV's report on Sloan's bizarre behavior, as aired on Tuesday, below.

[Image: "The Girl On The Rail Waiting For The Train," via Shutterstock]