Fox's Megyn Kelly and Gregg Jarrett are worried about Don Lemon's objectivity
Gregg Jarrett 021714 [Fox News]

Without mentioning him by name on Monday, Fox News colleagues Megyn Kelly and Gregg Jarrett expressed concerns over CNN host Don Lemon's ability to be impartial following Lemon's tete-a-Tweet with Jarrett this past weekend over the verdict in the Michael Dunn murder trial.

"This is an anchor who set aside all measure of objectivity, and he acted, on-air, as judge, jury and executioner," Jarrett said of Lemon. "Condemning the defendant, saying he was guilty, and it was an open-and-shut case. My goodness."

Jarrett did not comment on whether he felt his refusal to respect Chelsea Manning's gender transition, or his on-air encouragement of the U.S. to bomb Russia over granting asylum to Edward Snowden, or his on-air suggestion that George Zimmerman had already been punished because of his weight gain during his own murder trial met that same standard of objectivity.

Jarrett also failed to discuss with Kelly his own statement earlier in the day to Fox News radio host John Gibson calling Lemon "the Al Sharpton of CNN."

While Dunn was found guilty on Saturday of three counts of attempted murder in connection with a November 2012 incident, Lemon was open about his anger that day over the possibility of a mistrial concerning the second-degree murder charges Dunn faced for killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis during the same gun attack.

"I know people are saying Don Lemon is p*ssed on Twitter," Lemon said at the time. "Yes, I am p*ssed! I am absolutely p*ssed!. I think there needs to be a 'Mind Your Business' law that goes along with the 'Stand Your Ground' law."

On Monday, Kelly expressed disbelief that members of the Black community could be angry over Dunn not being found guilty on all four charges.

"The danger in doing that is, it could stoke the fires and lead other people to believe that they, too, should be outraged," Kelly told Jarrett. "And then, the situation can escalate."

Kelly did not comment on criticism toward her network for race-based insinuations of its own. She also did not clarify whether she felt she was escalating a "situation" when she insisted late last year that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ were both white.

Watch Kelly's interview with Jarrett, as posted online on Monday, below.