Steve Elkington, who makes his living walking around on well manicured lawns whacking at a little white ball while a gallery of mostly white guys maintain complete  silence so as not to distract him from his athletic endeavors, is kind of unhappy that a gay is going to play in that football league that competes for Sunday viewers with the JPMorgan/Rolex/Lear Rich Guys Watch Us Because They Think It Is A Sport Greater Hartford Open.

So Elkington, who chases that little white ball around on private country club courses using implements drawn from a bag that is carried by someone else who is in shape, or sometimes drives from shot to shot in an adorable little electric car, took to Twitter to express his dismay about the gay invading the fraternity of athletes to which he marginally belongs.

What is Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam doing at the NFL combine that has your plaid pants wedged up your butt, Steve?

elktweet(Tweet now deleted)

That is rich. Anything else:

(Also, now deleted)

Care to clarify?

So it's not really the gayness that bothers you. It's the damn MSM shoving gayness down your throat.

Duly noted...