House narrowly passes 'clean' one-year increase for debt limit
House Speaker John Boehner speaks to the media after attending the weekly House Republican conference at the US Capitol on Jan. 28, 2014 [AFP]

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives, by a narrow margin, on Tuesday passed clean legislation raising the government's borrowing authority for one year in order to avoid a default that was looming at the end of this month.

By a vote of 221-201, the House passed the bill, adhering to President Barack Obama's demand that it have no unrelated conditions attached. With House passage, the bill now goes to the Senate, where debate could begin on Wednesday.

Only 28 of the House's 232 Republicans voted for the measure, leaving Democrats to provide most of the votes for passage.

(Reporting By Richard Cowan; Editing by Sandra Maler)

[Image via Agence France-Presse]