Eleven Republicans in the Iowa House of Representatives have introduced legislation that would force all public schools to display the motto "In God We Trust."

The bill requires schools to display the phrase on a "prominent display of a wall plaque or artwork that results from a student contest."

The bill, House File 2282, was introduced by Reps. Dwayne Alons, Tom Shaw, Joel Fry, Larry Sheets, Tedd Gassman, Sandy Salmon, Greg Heartsill, Ralph C. Watts, Jason Schultz, Mark Bradenburg, and Mark Lofgren on Tuesday.

The phrase "In God We Trust" was placed on U.S. coins by Congress in 1864 "largely because of the increased religious sentiment existing during the Civil War," according to the Treasury Department. It became the country's official national motto in 1956.

Pennsylvania lawmakers are also considering legislation that would require all public schools to display the motto.

“I went through history to document the evidence to show how God has always been part of our government,” Pennsylvania state Rep. Rick Saccone, author of God in Government, explained last year. “We have to get educated, we have to be smart, we have to explain to people what our Godly heritage is, remind them of our Godly heritage and defend it and that's why I wrote the book.”