Jon Stewart: Michael Dunn trial teaches us, 'If you fire a gun, you better f*cking hit somebody'
Jon Stewart 021814 [YouTube]

Daily Show host Jon Stewart and correspondent Jessica Williams tore into Michael Dunn and the Florida justice system on Monday after Dunn was found guilty of attempted murder against three Black teenagers, but was not convicted for actually killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

"The message in Florida is pretty clear: if you fire a gun, you better f*cking hit somebody," Stewart said. "'Cause if there's one thing Floridians won't tolerate, it's survivors."

Stewart mocked Dunn's complaints during his pre-trial incarceration that the Black inmates alongside him were "thugs," and that the court system was biased toward them.

"The courts are so biased toward Blacks that they are letting all of them go to jail," Stewart snarked. "Picking up three squares [meals] a day, and free gym memberships. They even get to sleep in bunk beds."

For her part, Williams admitted that the verdict was hard to take for the Black community.

"The Dunn verdict is really the cherry on top of the sh*t sundae that is Black History Month," she told Stewart. "We got assigned February -- the month nobody wants, the only month that contains the letters 'F' and 'U.' And then, in case we didn't get the message, they round out the month by letting another white guy off for gunning down a Black kid. You do know Black History Month isn't like deer season or turkey season, right? It's not the month when you're allowed to shoot Black people"

Watch Stewart and Williams' take on the verdict, as posted online on Monday, below.