In an interview on KTTH, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann discussed the future of the conservative movement with Breitbart Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro.

She began by attacking what Shapiro called "the intelligence threats via Obamacare," by which he meant unsubstantiated reports in conservative news outlets that information given to the website had been stolen by overseas interests.

"Quite simply it appears that Belarus, which is a nation friendly with the Soviet Union, may have a subcontracting contract to build a part of the website for Obamacare," Bachmann said. "The country of Belarus was able to come into the United States and reroute a significant portion of U.S. Internet traffic out to Belarus."

"They did that for a period of about one month," she continued. "And then that data came back into the United States. What’s worrisome is that Belarus – again, you might as well say the Russians – they may have been able to attach code to the Internet traffic that came back into the U.S., so there could be what’s called technically back doors so Russia would have the ability to come into U.S. internet systems."

"Now," she told Shapiro, "if the subcontractors that were building this disaster website of Obamacare, if these subcontractors were from Belarus, a.k.a. Russia, you can bet that they put back doors into that software system. That means they could have access to millions of Americans’ sensitive private data."

The threat to Americans is real, Bachmann insisted, "[b]ecause, remember, under Obamacare, all Americans will have their sensitive data in the federal data hub. That’s 330 million Americans. It isn’t just your healthcare information or just your insurance information, it’s all of your employment information -- your employment history, your income; everything that goes along with employment. It also includes your IRS returns, your tax returns."

"So, the access that Russia could have -- not only the sensitive personal information of individual Americans, but also access to be able to get into the IRS, get into the Department of Homeland Security, in addition to about seven other -- to a total of about seven different federal agencies."

"This is absolute recklessness. If the Obama administration willingly allowed a subcontractor from Belarus to be involved in putting together this website? This is more than malfeasance and could have profound consequences," she said.

"That’s why I’m calling on the Obama administration to shut down, to run a thorough check and make sure that we don’t have the code malware, so that we don’t have malware in the system."

In addition to calling for the end of Russian access to Americans' private data, Bachmann also stressed the need to reform immigration to stymie the tide of immigrants who aren't "conservative Republicans."

"If these were conservative Republicans coming here illegally, the last thing Obama would do is seek to give amnesty, citizenship, and legal voting status to the people coming into the country," she said. "If you look at Hispanics today, 77 percent respond that they believe in big government and like big government. Fifty-five percent of Asians say they believe in big government, they like big government."

"It isn’t the conservative Republican immigration policy that immigrants don’t like," she argued, "it’s our stance on fiscal conservatism, the Constitution, patriotism, the fact that we believe in limited government and personal responsibility."

"One thing I’ve advocated a long time is to get rid of this mindless idea that if someone has a baby in the U.S. and the parents are illegal aliens, the baby should be given automatic status as an American citizen," she concluded.