A police officer in Bloomfield, Nebraska was disciplined when it was revealed that he trapped, shot, then illegally disposed of the body of a 2-year-old cat belonging to the parents of a local veterinarian.

Bloomfield Mayor Phil Schroeder admitted that Officer Wally Holz acted improperly when he trapped and shot the cat a little less than 50 feet from the home of Lisa Kilgore's parents, John and Teresa Kauth. He then disposed of the body behind a maintenance shed near the police station.

"Larry was a 2-year-old, neutered male domestic shorthair. He was up to date on his vaccinations and was given monthly flea prevention," Kilgore told The Norfolk Daily News.

Teresa Kauth told ABC 9 news that "I had this sick feeling, I had heard rumors, over the years, that one of the city's police officers was trapping cats and shooting them."

According to Mayor Schroeder, there has been a problem with feral cats in the Bloomfield area, but that doesn't excuse Officer Holz's behavior. "Larry" should have been impounded for five days and Kilgore's parents contacted. At the very least, had he been impounded, "Larry" might have found another home.

Officer Holz was given a written reprimand by the Bloomfield City Council. However, Mayor Schroeder said that "[i]f there is any further violation of the city code, it will be dealt with more severely, including termination of employment."

Watch the ABC 9 report on the incident below.

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