Peter LaBarbera calls for U.S. version of Russian 'gay propaganda' law

Strident anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera said on Wednesday that the U.S. should adopt its own Russian-style "gay propaganda" law that would outlaw any positive representation of non-heterosexual relationships.

According to Right Wing Watch, LaBarbera was incensed at the inclusion of a family headed by a lesbian couple in the Disney Channel comedy series "Good Luck Charlie."

“Look at the Disney show, they are promoting lesbianism to kids who don’t even know what sex is yet,” LaBarbera complained in a radio interview with the American Family Association's Sandy Rios. “How are kids going to process that information of two moms?”

LaBarbera -- dubbed "Porno Pete" by some LGBT activists because of his purportedly massive trove of gay pornography, which the Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality director says he keeps for "research" -- said that the U.S. needs to copy Russia's laws against positive portrayals of same-sex relationships.

These laws, he said, will keep Americans from “promoting homosexualism” and therefore are "acceptable and a good idea."

LaBarbera fretted in a radio appearance in 2011 that LGBT activists riding a “rising tide of bigotry against Christians" would take away his freedom of speech.

"We have got to speak the truth now because there is this rising tide of bigotry against Christians," LaBarbera told "In the Market" host Janet Parshall, "and I’m afraid if we don’t speak out we’re going to be basically someday banned from speaking out by the government."

"Basically what’s happened is because the media is so pro-gay right now the homosexual lobby is almost like they have no restraint," he said. "They’re coming at as hard and their basic message is 'Intimidate anybody who speaks out' because they’re hoping we will silence ourselves."

In Russia, LGBT people have been viciously persecuted as legislators have sought to codify bigotry into the country's laws. A brutal gang of thugs that calls itself "Occupy Pedophilia" has been videotaping the assault, humiliation, and torture of men suspected of being gay, then posting the results online.

LaBarbera -- who has made multiple pilgrimages to Chicago's annual gay BDSM pageant International Mr. Leather, again for "research" -- has given his full-throated support to the vicious Russian campaign against the country's LGBT citizens, saying that the former Soviet republic is right to defend itself against "America’s reckless and decadent promotion of gender confusion.”