Frank Taaffe, the Florida man who has made a name for himself appearing on cable news shows to defend George Zimmerman, hosted a radio show geared toward white supremacists, Mother Jones reported on Wednesday.

A progressive activist group, Political Research Associates, posted audio on Tuesday from an October 2013 segment of Taaffe's show, "Standing Our Ground," which aired on the White Voice Network. The network reportedly devotes itself to "media, news, and information for White people against White genocide."

In the segment, Taaffe and co-host Joe Adams debate whether media mogul Oprah Winfrey can be considered a "n**ger."

"To me she wouldn't," said Adams, who wrote a book called the "Save White People Handbook."

"I think she is," Taaffe responded, explaining that he thought the slur applied to Winfrey because "she keeps spewing out all that bullsh*t. She goes over to Switzerland and she says that the lady didn't want to share a handbag because she thought that she couldn't afford it, and she keeps just doing what she's doing."

Taaffe then criticized her for promoting "her boy," President Barack Obama.

"You know, it's birds of a feather, they flock together and stick together, and to me, she's a n**ger," Taaffe insisted. "Oprah Winfrey's a n**ger. She's a n**ger."

Adams then expressed slight disagreement, saying that while Winfrey "has worked hard, [and is] doing the right thing by her community," society at large should still use the slur when referring to her. He also claimed that when white people raise issues related to race, "they get called racist, and that is the white equivalent of the n**ger word for me."

Taaffe, who was Zimmerman's neighbor around the time Zimmerman was accused of second-degree murder for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, became an outspoken defender of Zimmerman's in appearances on CNN and other networks. He suggested Martin fit the "ID" of prior burglars in their neighborhood and dismissed Zimmerman's penchant for collecting firearms by saying, "Boys will have their toys."

Mother Jones reported that Taaffe also used his platform to defend Michael Dunn, the 47-year-old man who was found not guilty of murder charges for killing another Black teen, Jordan Davis. But following criticism directed toward CNN and sister network HLN, Taaffe announced future appearances on HLN had been canceled.

Listen to audio from Taaffe's radio show, as posted online on Tuesday, below.