Watch the Georgia attorney's epic Super Bowl ad that was only seen locally

Super Bowl viewers in the Savannah, Georgia area last night witnessed an advertisement by Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys that seems destined to be optioned for a reality show or the next Nicolas Cage film.

The commercial, which can be viewed below, tells the story of the untimely death of Casino's brother and how he went after the man he believes was responsible for it, Chief Willie Lovett.

Chief Lovett's actual culpability for the crime is limited to having misspoken about Casino's brother's death in its aftermath, but that was enough to convince Casino to do what all men must one day do: "Ask God why He created him."

At which point heavy metal music begins to pound over visual clichés from every revenge fantasy to hit the screens in the past twenty years. Which means, of course, that it concludes with Casino pacing near his brother's grave while dragging a flaming sledgehammer-of-justice.

Watch the entire epic production below.