A 44-year-old woman was arrested and faces charges of murder and attempted murder on Thursday after allegedly killing four people and injuring two others in a gun attack in the Northern California town of Alturas.

The Redding Record Searchlight reported that Sherie Rhoades, a former chairwoman of the Cedarville Rancheria Northern Paiute Tribe, was taken into custody in connection with the multiple shooting, which began during a hearing regarding the eviction of Rhoades and her unidentified 24-year-old son from tribal grounds.

Police did not identify any of the victims, but said that two men and two women were killed in the attack, ranging from 19 to 50 years of age. Another two women were hospitalized and were listed in critical condition. The suspect and her son both reportedly fired at the victims. After she ran out of bullets, Rhoades reportedly stabbed one of them with a butcher knife.

One woman managed to escape the attack, then to Alturas City Hall to notify police. She was described as being "covered" with the blood of the victims. Rhoades reportedly resisted arrest, until a tribe employee tackled her, helping authorities capture her.

The tribe owns a 20-acre property in Alturas. 2010 Census records indicate that 15 people lived in five housing units on the tribe's property.

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