Strident anti-LGBT activist Scott Lively alleged in an interview late last week that the LGBT rights movement is a collusion between Marxists, gays and Freemasons to establish a New World Order.

Right Wing Watch reported that Lively said LGBT people are the "foot soldiers" in this purported plot to tear down democracy and replace it with one tyrannical world government.

Appearing on a Denver Christian radio show, Lively -- who has been charged with crimes against for humanity for his efforts to help craft vicious anti-LGBT legislation in Russia and Uganda -- detailed an elaborate conspiracy theory involving a Freemason Supreme Court Justice and, in Lively's words, "the collapse of our freedom and prosperity as a nation."

Lively vilified Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, who he called "a 33rd degree Mason" who was "very hostile to Christianity."

Black, said Lively, was instrumental in deciding historic church and state separation cases like Everson v. Board of Education and  Torcaso v. Watkins.

In the 1940s and 1950s, Lively contended, LGBT people “lived discreetly and everyone was pretty happy." The fomenting of "cultural Marxism" in the 1960s, he said, gave rise to gay activists, who are now "demanding that homosexuality be legitimized to children and to be on every television show and every aspect, sports figures coming out and that sort of thing.”

It is all part of an insidious effort, he said, aimed at "destroying the existing order, destroying it down to ashes, so they could rebuild society according to their own socialist utopian model."

“And that’s what this whole culture war is about," he told Christian radio hosts Chris and Sheree Geo. "It's a conflict really between Christians and Marxists.”

Now, he said, western LGBT activists have set their sights of Africa, where they hope to "gut the morality of the countries and break the family system down and make the countries more pliable” and therefore more amenable to the coming New World Order.

“The whole New World Order system is a Marxist system, and there are different components of it, but the fact is that the homosexuals are the foot soldiers, they’re the main foot soldiers of this agenda,” he said.